Hydraulic Actuator is designed to be used in conjunction with valve bonnets, to provide open and close control for major brands of API 6A through conduit reverse acting gate valves fitted to oil and gas wellheads and production flow lines.

This type can be Suitable for offshore and onshore locations and ideal for use in H2S and CO2 applications, the range of hydraulic piston actuators provides a simple and reliable valve automation solution.

Valve actuation is achieved by applying a hydraulic control pressure to a piston in a closed housing, thereby exerting a force which compresses springs and extends a valve stem. This action is designed to open a reverse acting gate valve (or close a directing acting gate valve).

The valve is returned to its fail position upon release of the piston pressure. The actuator ensures that a fail position is achieved through the use of valve body pressure acting on the valve stem diameter, assisted by coiled springs. The springs provide rapid and reliable valve shutdown when there is little or no valve body or flowline pressure available.

The hydraulic actuator can be supplied to API 6A SSV to meet the quality assurance and test requirements of API 6A and Q1. The standard actuator must be supplied to meet the NACE MR0175-2003 requirements