Electrolyser is the heart of any Electrochlorination system, each electrolyser consists of a series of electrolytic cells, typically 10 cells in series arranged as a multi-fingered bipole, the number of fingers in each cell specifically sized for the output capacity of the electrolyser.

The electrodes are mounted in a carrier, which is housed in a tubular body. Sufficient potential is applied to the electrolyser terminal connections to induce current flow through the cells. The carrier prevents stray current flow ensuring maximum efficiency. All fasteners used for the carrier assembly and the umbilical connections are of titanium construction. Each electrolyser is connected in hydraulic series and the cells in electrical series.

Electrolysers operate normally under constant seawater flow rate. The DC current applied to the cells is adjusted to control the chlorine output so as to instantaneously match the treatment requirements.

Concentric Tubular Electrode:

Development of the concentric electrode design resulted in a flow cell constructed of concentric cylindrical anode and cathode assemblies, one inside the other. This C.T.E. design overcomes all of the deficiencies of the previous plate or mesh designs. Electrolyte flow is forced horizontally in the annular space between the concentric cylinders. The flow of electrolyte from the inlet to the outlet connections is uniformly distributed between the concentric anode and cathode surfaces. There are no corners. Thus, there are no low flow/velocity areas where calcareous deposits of calcium and magnesium can precipitate on the electrodes and/or accumulate.

Some Advantages of Concentric Tubular Electrodes:

  • Complete modular construction (for adaptable installations)

  • Low maintenance (a design that looks after itself)

  • Full output availability (off duty acid or other cell cleaning not required)

  • No acid cleaning or washing

  • Safety by design (e.g. no potential for production of hazardous chlorine gas)

  • Patented electrode monitoring

  • Refurbishing available