Many industries today use large quantities of water for process cooling. Power generation plants, chemical plants, refineries, LNG facilities, paper mills, steel works etc. In addition in many areas of the World desalination of seawater and brackish water by flash evaporation or membrane process, is commonplace. In most cases the presence of biofouling such as molluscs, algae or slime, cause numerous problems for plant and equipment. Fouling can adversely affect system hydrodynamics, restricting flow increasing pumping pressures and accelerating corrosion potential. Such problems will shorten the life of pumps, screens, heat exchangers and other plant items as well as increase the operation and maintenance costs.

The treatment of bio fouling problems is generally acceptably controlled by the addition of a disinfection process into the system. Commonly gas chlorination has been the historic choice. Electrochlorination is the ‘onsite’ instantaneous production of sodium hypochlorite solution at a safe, dilute concentration suitable for direct injection into process. The elimination of transportation and storage of chlorine gas or other disinfection chemicals means Electrochlorination is now a more viable, cleaner, safer technology for today’s industries.